Our story takes place in a large, stately house near New Orleans, Louisiana.

Winter and Logan,  a young couple in a crumbling marriage, host a dinner party to initiate two guests into a mysterious organization they are members of: “The Community.” To Logan’s surprise, the guests turn out to be Shaun and Heather, two old, estranged friends whom he and Winter haven’t spoken to in years. Logan tries to call the night off, but it’s too late.

Shaun and Heather arrive and sense something’s wrong. Winter insists they stay. After dinner, a bizarre proposal is made, and the guests try to flee. All of a sudden, a nearby chemical factory explodes. Shaun and Heather are forced back inside as a toxic red chemical ash falls over the neighborhood like snow. The four characters frantically seal themselves up in the house.

Trapped inside until evacuation, Winter and Logan square off in a vicious battle of mind games and aggression, with Shaun and Heather caught in the middle. Fueled by alcohol, sexuality, and paranoia of the disaster outside, the situation in the house grows more and more intense as the foursome are forced to confront each other and their buried pasts.