Fallout Shelter Film

FALLOUT SHELTER is a drama-thriller about four friends coming to terms with dark secrets in the midst of a chemical fallout, a cult initiation and a crumbling marriage. When a young couple invites two estranged friends over for dinner with a mysterious intent, a chemical explosion traps them in the house overnight where they are forced to confront their buried pasts… and each other.

Currently in pre-production, we hope to take you along with us as we embark on this truly independent filmmaking journey. We will be sharing behind-the-scenes videos, pictures and blog posts about the experience.  Fallout Shelter will be a completely grassroots, independent project, using crowd-sourcing, equity investment and the help of good friends and film-enthusiasts alike to make this film a reality. We are extremely excited about this project, and we think you will like it too. Feel free to getting involved in every way you can. Like our online pages, videos and photos, and please feel free to contact us! We would love to hear from you. Ask us what we’re up to, what we’ve learned, offer suggestions, tips, you can even offer to help! With your support, Fallout Shelter can truly come to life. We have some great content coming your way over the next couple of months, so stay tuned!  Thank you.

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